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What no one will tell you about Patio Awnings and Deck Awnings that retract and store against your home.

Retractable Deck Awnings .Com is in the education business. We've been educating customers, in their homes and business's, about stationary awnings, retractable awnings, and motorized retractable deck and patio awnings going on eleven years. To the tune of over $6,000,000 worth of awnings sold to customers (95% are retractable awnings). When Retractable Deck Awnings educates you about awnings, we have a profoundly better chance of selling you one. If you know what to look for you become an educated owner.

Don't think about the awning. Concentrate on the size of the area you want to protect. You're buying shade. You need weather protection. You want to expand your living area. The awning is just the tool to accomplish these tasks and create a more comfortable extended living area.

An awning can be fixed (stationary) or a retractable awning may work for your particular need. Cover all year round or remove it at your pleasure. Or you can have the convenience of a retractable awning. Grab a hand crank or push a button, and you can have up to a 30ft. wide by 13ft. projection covered room in less then a minute. When you want it poof, there it is. At night when you want to view the heavens, it's tight against the house. A retractable awning occupies a space about 11" square when retracted. The same is true in winter. Normal summer night storage is no different then winter storage.

Our Family's first retractable patio awning (18ft. x 13ft.) is about eight years old. The only maintenance we've performed is to wipe or dust the arms. It's a practical and fun investment to our home. We also invested in a 25ft. x 7ft. retractable deck awning on the west side of the house. Our patio retractable awning made such a dramatic difference in the temperature of the inside of our kitchen. We realized if we covered the major windows on the west side of the house it would be cooler. Also lowering our energy bills. But one our favorite part about the awning is .......we don't have to close the blinds or drapes anymore. Our kitchen, family room, master bedroom and loft all feel much more open, because we don't have to close the drapes to cover the window glass. We no longer have to worry about the floor or furniture fading. With a retractable awning, you can stop the awning out a short distance; just enough to shade the glass areas and it will protect the home. Most homeowner's main concern is the use of a patio or deck they've been unable to use once the warm weather arrives.

Making usable the money you've already invested.
A retractable awning makes usable the money you've already invested in your home.

Retractable Deck Awnings provides you with observations. Observations from well over a thousand customers. Customers who ordered the exact size, fabric, and frame color retractable awning or stationary awning that fit their specific need. Contented folk who have enjoyed years of comfort on their patio or deck. Commercial customers who have added big dollars to their bottom line by expanding their profit centers with vinyl, acrylic or canvas awnings. Residential and commercial customers finally using that space they've spent thousands of dollars constructing, acquiring furniture, getting the cool grill, envisioning the cookouts—the awning made it a reality. That's what awnings and retractable awnings do.

How much are retractable awnings
$1500 .....$750 .....$6500 .....$2900...how much?

What's it worth to your family to use that space?
To use it when you desire, not when the heat or the rain dictate.

Retractable awnings don't like harsh weather conditions.
Retractable Deck Awnings advises....
"If you and I can't sit on your patio and enjoy conversation and a drink because of the wind or rain.....if the weather chases us in the house.......retract the awning. But as long as the awning is mounted high enough on the home to achieve the proper angle or pitch, using your retractable awning in the rain is one of the more pleasurable experiences on the patio or deck."

There are a number of quality manufacturers in the country. In fact, if you remove "----etter" from the manufacturers list and the COSCO, SAMS and BJ's Chinese products, it then becomes tough to purchase a bad retractable awning. There's Durasol, Eastern, Sunair, Sunesta, Perfecta, EGE to name the best in the business.

An awning from either of these companies will give you years and years of Cooler and Dryer extended living area. Retractable Deck Awning has always represented one of these companies, I can't tell you the exact one but the initials are SUNAIR Retractable Awnings

What No One else will tell you!

Most quality retractable patio and deck awnings look the same to the consumer. Why? Because they are essentially the same. Here's why! Every quality retractable will have: High tension spring loaded arms that tensions the fabric. Metal frames and mounting brackets. Heavy, rigid protective hoods to protect the unit when the awning is retracted. The same fabric manufacturer. Very similar projections (standard choices of distance the awning extends from the home). The same motors and accessories. 5 year warranty on the entire product and a 10 year frame warranty. Painted frames in a choice of colors. Custom widths (keep in mind: the width of the awning should always be a minimum of 14" wider then the desired projection. example: a 13' projection needs to be at least 14'2" wide).

If they're all essentially the same, why should I invest in a SUNAIR retractable awning from Retractable Deck Awnings?

Three reasons:
One...Superior Ingredients
Two...Generations of Experience

1. Superior Ingredients

SUNAIR has over 80,000 square feet of hi-tech manufacturing space. They use the best possible combinations of metals and materials in the industry.

They bake on a polyester powder-coated paint to all metal surfaces and give you SEVEN standard frame colors from which to choose, not the three or four the others offer. Plus you can choose from 240 custom colors at an additional charge. We've made red, blue and even pink frames for some commercial customers.
They use ALL Aluminum frames, No steel. Most of the others use a combination of aluminum and steel. The problem, when aluminum is in close proximity with steel it causes "galvanic activity" which causes the steel to rust more quickly.

All manufacturers use mostly Sunbrella and or Dickson acrylic fabrics. While SUNAIR also uses these quality fabrics, they also use and recommend "PARA" fabric. The fabric itself is identical in quality, but "PARA" provides a special coating on the fabric to help color fastness and dirt protection.
Whatever fabric is used, the panels must be sewn together. SUNAIR is one of the few companies in the world to use "GORETEX" thread. The seams will last as long as the fabric.
The stress points of any retractable awning are the shoulder and the elbow of the arms. SUNAIR is the only company to use FORGED aluminum components, all the others use CAST aluminum. A forged piece of metal is always superior to a cast piece.

TUV (a European version of UL laboratories or Consumer Reports) performs in factory weight, wind and strength tests to retractable awnings.

2. Experience

The principals at Retractable Deck Awnings have over ten years experience with SUNAIR products. In 2005, almost 40% of our business came from referrals. An incredible testimony to the product and the comfort in which our clients have in recommending our company. SUNAIR has been in business since 1880. That's 126 years! They started in Ladies Parasols, graduated to umbrellas, then to awnings and then retractable awnings in the 1960's.

3. Family

Retractable Deck Awnings is family owned an operated. First generation.
SUNAIR is family owned and operated. Five generations.
What we know at Retractable Deck Awnings is that in over 10 years of selling SUNAIR products our customer satisfaction is off the charts. Last year our Referral Business accounted for almost 40% of our total growth. As good as the others "May be" I need to sell the one retractable awning that I Know without a doubt will provide you with easy, no maintenance use, for the life of the awning, which is 12 to 16 years. And even then all you have to do is replace the fabric, and 95% of the time you're good to go again.

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